Friday, 21 July 2017

The last Thursday of term was the Disco. The student council organised a voting system and the theme that was chosen was Pyjama Party. It was a great night and everyone danced the night away. Thanks to Carrie, the PTA, the parent helpers and the teachers for ensuring it was a great success.

On friday week 8 at 8:00 am we had a matariki breakfast. Many family’s donated their food and groceries.
There also had Kapa Haka. There had wet foods such as cereals, there had drinks, Hot food such as sausages and eggs, toasts, and spreads. Kapa Haka performed 4 songs. Aoteroa, Papakatitaha, HAKA. It was a great breakfast and so great to see so many families there.

Written by Jakob

Last assembly strike percussion accepted our request to come and perform at our school, a special thanks to the PTA for funding it.
Strike percussion is a drummer group that uses different objects that make noise when you hit it to make all sorts of  beats. Mr spicer and Mrs Rendell went up to do some beats, because strike weren’t the greatest with names
They nicknamed the teachers wonderwomen and superman. I also was chosen to go up and play the traditional drums from Samoa. It was a fantastic show and everyone really enjoyed it.

Written by James Gibson
Photos care of Mrs Valencia
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For Tuakana Teina we made Matariki stars to celebrate the Maori New Year. We made the stars with colored paper and patterned wrapping paper 15cm x 15cm square. we also made the stars with our buddy's  in room 9 or room 11. Why we do this is to help the juniors learn and juniors help us learn. Some people decided to make  a 7 sided star some people, some people decided to make a 5 sided star. It was a lot of fun and it was also hard for junior because of the folding part. It was fun working with the juniors and juniors enjoyed working with us. At the end the stars turned out really pretty and amazing , everyone had lots of fun at the end and enjoyed making the stars for the juniors classroom and our classroom.

by Mickey

Every week on Tuesday and Thursday we have Stanley Olympics and Winter Olympics meetings.
Stanley Olympics is something we do when all the Winter Olympics people go on camp and we do a whole bunch of challenges and activities the whole week.
In Stanley Olympics we have been doing team activities and playing fun games etc kahoot, having a race up the climbing web, and trying to get across the court by using 4 pieces of paper.
A couple of weeks ago we got put into teams. These teams will be the team we have to work in for the whole week. We have been given a piece a paper where we had to come up with a team name, a logo, a flag, a slogan/jingle, and a skit.
I am looking forward to doing master chef and the amazing race.

Written by Tammy

This term our winter olympics  have been practicing the cheer. There are 36 year 7&8s going. Every Tuesday and Thursday.
We practice trying to make it perfect to win the best cheer on Thursday night of the camp in Matamata. We have been practicing since week 3 so 7 weeks now. We also have been doing lunchtime practices every day but also have fitness on Monday and ball skills on Wednesday.  
Fingers crossed all our hard work will pay off.

By Olivia and Harmoniee

Sunday, 18 June 2017

On Friday the 9th of june 2017, We went on the Tough Guy and Gal mud run challenge. We had to run 3k through mud, water and obstacle courses. We had to go through tunnels, under barb wire, over fences and climb up some rope. We had to run through thick mud and up hills to reach the end. When we finished the race we got given a blue loaded drink, a medallion and got to have hot showers.

By Leah, Keisha